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LDL Cholesterol Test


A LDL cholesterol test measures the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood.

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:  Blood, Heart

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:  24 Hours

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What is Ldl Cholesterol Test?

A LDL cholesterol test measures the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood.


Why take Ldl Test?

LDL Cholesterol test is almost always ordered together with Lipid Profile to determine an individual’s chances of suffering from heart disease. HDL Cholesterol test is also ordered for patients who are under high risk (ie above 45 years old, into heavy smoking, has hypertension, diabetes mellitus and a family history are some of the risk factors.) HDL cholesterol along with lipid profile are routine tests and form a part of the preliminary analysis used to assess cardiac health.



  1. High blood pressure
  2. Have history of heart disease
  3. Obesity
  4. Addiction to smoking/consumption of tobacco


More about Ldl cholesterol

LDL cholesterol is often mocked with the term “bad cholesterol”, not because it’s inherently bad; if present in normal amount it forms the cell membrane (outer layer of cells), however, if the amount exceeds than that of the normal, the excess LDL accumulated and gets built up on the walls of arteries and leads to blockage. The same blockage when affects the walls of arteries that supply the heart muscle, it can lead to heart diseases such as heart attacks. Hence LDL Cholesterol is often termed as the Bad Cholesterol and maintaining their optimum levels in the blood is imperative in preventing heart attacks.

Value (mg/dL) Interpretation
Less than 100 Optimal
100-129 Borderline/Above Optimal
130-159 Borderline High
160-189 High
More than 189 Very High







Elevated levels of LDL are commonly associated with increased risk of heart disease. Its critical to maintain these levels in the optimal range to prevent it’s built up on the walls of arteries and results in thickening and blockage.

LDL Cholesterol test result should collectively analysed with total cholesterol and complete lipid profile considering patients medical history and risk factors.