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Full Body Checkup Packages in Mumbai

Full Body Checkup Mumbai

The most valuable asset we possess is our health. Today, we are so preoccupied with our busy schedules that we often overlook our health and risks associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices. The environment we are living in is becoming hazardous with each passing year and people's life span is shortening and sickness rate is rising. This is the biggest reason why doctors recommend regular health exams in order to maintain track of our health. Unhealthy lifestyle choices, congenital health disorders, and irregular sleeping patterns can all lead to a variety of health issues, ranging from small to major ones.

Observing this, many people are adopting healthier lifestyles as their health concerns grow. It’s crucial to stay healthy and prioritise your health by getting a full body checkup in Mumbai to build a strong health base of your body. A full-body health checkup in Mumbai is an assessment of the entire body that includes tests for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease. Full body health checkups in Mumbai provide numerous advantages that outweigh any disadvantages and you should make them a regular part of your health routine going forward. Full-body health checkups in Mumbai are an attempt to gain insight into their current health status so that they can address it appropriately. 

As we age, the number of hospital visits increases due to health fluctuations. Full body health checkups in Mumbai at regular intervals helps an individual stay informed about their health conditions and the risk factors involved. A full body checkup in Mumbai enables us to keep track of our entire health and keeps a safe zone around us. 

Full-body health checkups in Mumbai include the following tests-

  1. Fasting blood sugar level test which measures your blood sugar after an overnight fast. 
  2. Urine routine and microscopy test that includes an examination of the urine sample to detect the presence of disorders. 
  3. Liver function test (LFT) that provides precise information about the state of the patient’s liver 
  4. Kidney function test (KFT) that measures the working state of your kidneys. 
  5. PSA is a blood test which is done to detect prostate cancer 
  6. Vitamin D to screen for inappropriate or low levels of vitamin D in your blood. 
  7. Vitamin B12 test to measure the vitamin B12 level in your blood.
  8. Complete blood count (CBC) test is done to gather information about the total number of cells in a human body. 
  9. Lipid profile test or lipid panel is done to check the abnormalities in lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides. 
  10. HBA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) is done to check for diabetes, prediabetes and glucose levels in adults
  11. Thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH) test is done to look for function of the thyroid in a patient’s body