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Full Body Checkup Packages in Faridabad

Full Body Checkup Faridabad

The ingress to aid in the smooth transition between the different stages of life demands a keen focus on monitoring a healthy life.  Complete Medical Checkup are thus, mandatory for every individual. These Full body Health Checkups in Faridabad are made easy and convenient.  They come in packages.  Various medical tests and diagnostic scans are conducted quickly, hygienically and comfortably under one roof.  They are economical and consume less time. The results are delivered directly to the individual or emailed.  Periodic reminders and the facility to collect the samples at home [especially in the case of the elderly] makes it a win-win situation for the service providers and the beneficiary.

The Preventive Health Checkup packages in Faridabad consists of ‘full body’ check-up and varies in accordance with the person’s requirement.  The facility helps one to monitor his/her health and be aware of medical requirements, to receive counselling and stay on the path to a healthy and happy life.  Full body checkups in Faridabad are advised at regular intervals of six months.

Full-body health checkups in Faridabad include the following tests-

  1. Fasting blood sugar level test which measures your blood sugar after an overnight fast. 
  2. Urine routine and microscopy test that includes an examination of the urine sample to detect the presence of disorders. 
  3. Liver function test (LFT) that provides precise information about the state of the patient’s liver 
  4. Kidney function test (KFT) that measures the working state of your kidneys. 
  5. PSA is a blood test which is done to detect prostate cancer 
  6. Vitamin D to screen for inappropriate or low levels of vitamin D in your blood. 
  7. Vitamin B12 test to measure the vitamin B12 level in your blood.
  8. Complete blood count (CBC) test is done to gather information about the total number of cells in a human body. 
  9. Lipid profile test or lipid panel is done to check the abnormalities in lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides. 
  10. HBA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) is done to check for diabetes, prediabetes and glucose levels in adults
  11. Thyroid profile (T3, T4, TSH) test is done to look for function of the thyroid in a patient’s body