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Vitamin (1, 25 Dihydroxy vitamin D3) Test Faridabad

Vitamin D is a crucial substance that helps the body in calcium absorption, essential for maintaining strength in the bones. Vitamin D is present in two major forms, which are Vitamin D2 and D3. A Vitamin D blood test is essential in determining the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body.

A Vitamin (1, 25 Dihydroxy vitamin D3) Test is ordered when a problem with bone metabolism or parathyroid function, as well as a possible Vitamin D deficiency or malabsorption, is suspected.

In case your doctor suspects a weakness in the bones, chances of rickets, osteomalacia, etc. Vitamin D test Faridabad by CNC Pathlab is highly beneficial and a total run for your money. A Vitamin D blood test involves the procedure of taking out your blood sample with the help of a needle and then further taking it to the medical lab for evaluation.

The folks around India can find our Vitamin D blood test Lab in specific places. We are presently operating in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, and Gurugram.

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