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TYPHI Dot IgM Test Noida

Typhi Dot test is done for Salmonella typhi. This test detects IgM antibody against Salmonella typhi. This test is not a quantitative test. It only detects the presence or absence of Salmonella typhi.

What does Salmonella Typhi IgM Measure?

The Typhi dot test measures IgM Antibody against Salmonella typhi. These antibodies are produced against the outer membrane protein (OMP) of Salmonella typhi. This test usually shows results within 2-3 days of infection. It identifies IgM Antibody separately. Book Typhi Dot Test with CNC PATHLAB at the comfort of your home, today!


Positive Salmonella typhi IgM test suggests recent infection with bacteria Salmonella Typhi causing typhoid fever

Negative Salmonella typhi IgM test usually indicates no infection with the bacteria

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