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Kidney Function Test; KFT

Kidney Function Test; KFT Noida

Your kidney helps in filtering out the waste material from the body and cleanses it while also maintaining the electrolytes and water levels. A KFT blood test, also known as Kidney Function Test or Renal function test (RFT), involved multiple tests that help determine the body's condition. Your doctor may recommend you a KFT blood test as a part of a routine check-up or for diagnosing the presence of any disease in your kidneys.

It is also helpful in the progress of any treatment performed in your kidneys. In this case, you can take up KFT test Noida and enjoy cost-effective rates on these crucial tests. CNC Pathlab is a leading name in the medical world that offers affordable KFT test price for primarily three tests: Urea, Uric Acid, and Creatinine.

Your kidneys are essential for the synthesis of Red Blood Cells and Vitamin D in the body, and any abnormalities in the kidney can lead to irreparable damage. We, at CNC Pathlab, are equipped with advanced technology and experienced medical professionals who help us deliver the most accurate KFT blood test results at affordable costs.

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