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Iron Studies Test Faridabad

What is Iron Studies Test?

Iron studies are blood tests that tell you much iron is in your blood and in other cells. Less iron or overload of iron could signal issues. Iron Studies test include Serum Iron, Ferritin and Transferrin.

Why take Iron Studies Test?

If your doctor suspects that you are suffering from Anaemia, he may order the Iron Studies test to find out the underlying cause.

Is this test for you?

  • If you have symptoms like Chronic Fatigue, feeling dizzy, weakness and pale skin; the doctor will order this test for you
  • Iron studies are also ordered when your haemoglobin levels do not go up even after taking iron supplements
  • Iron Studies tests are also ordered for Iron Overload, especially in case of suspected Iron Poisoning

More about Iron Studies Test

Iron is an integral part of the haemoglobin and basically helps carry oxygen throughout the body and all the cells. Low iron levels mean that the body can’t make enough red blood cells and this leads to fatigue and other symptoms.

Gender Age Value µg/dL
Male Between 0-3 months 72-203
Male Between 3-11 months 23-142
Male Between 1-3 years 25-126
Male Between 3-10 years 15-128
Male Between 10-14 years 32-107
Male Between 14-18 years 30-130
Male Greater than 18 years 65-175
Female Between 0-3 months 75-235
Female Between 3-11 months 60-192
Female Between 1-3 years 55-162
Female Between 3-10 years 28-122
Female Between 10-14 years 25-102
Female Between 14-18 years 25-107
Female Greater than 18 years 50-170

High or low electrolyte levels can be attributed to a variety of conditions. Generally, the levels reflect the intake through diet, the amount absorbed by the body, the amount of water in a person's body, and the amount eliminated by the kidneys. They are also influenced by several hormones such as aldosterone, a hormone that conserves sodium and promotes the elimination of potassium, and natriuretic peptides, which increase the elimination of sodium by the kidneys.

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