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Dengue NS1 Antigen Test

Dengue NS1 Antigen Test Noida

The Dengue NS1 Antigen test is used to diagnose dengue fever early. The dengue NS1 antigen, a protein and toxin produced by the dengue virus, is tested for in this test. A technique known as ELISA is used to detect it in the lab (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). This protein triggers an immune response in our bodies, causing antibodies to be produced in order to combat the viral infection. As soon as dengue symptoms appear, the NS1 antigen is present in the blood of an infected person. As a result, this test aids in the early detection of dengue fever.


Antibody testing - antibody tests may be reported as positive or negative or may be reported as an antibody titer with an interpretation of which type(s) of antibody (lgG or lgM) is present.

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