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CPK Test Noida

What is Creatine Phosphokinase(CPK)?

An enzyme found in the heart, brain, skeletal muscle, and other tissues Creatine Phosphokinase (CPK). When there is damage to the muscles, increased amounts of CPK are released into the blood. The amount of creatine kinase in the blood is measured by this test.

Why take CPK?

The Creatinine Phosphokinase test is usually done after the body has experienced shock or stress or extreme physical injuries, so most likely the test will be performed when you are admitted at the hospital. Myocarditis, damage to lung tissue, electrical shock, an episode of stroke, heart attack, any inflammation in the heart muscle or convulsions may warrant a Creatinine Phosphokinase test.

More About CPK

CPK is to detect and monitor muscle damage; to help diagnose conditions associated with muscle damage; for example, heart attack detection.

The CPK test is usually ordered along with other tests like electrolytes test, BUN test or Creatinine test. A urine Myoglobin test may be ordered too. A CPK test is ordered when muscle damage or injury is suspected.

A high CPK, or a rise in levels in subsequent samples, generally indicates that there has been some recent muscle damage but will not indicate its location or cause. Serial test results that peak and then begin to drop indicate that new muscle damage has diminished, while increasing and persistent elevations suggest continued damage.

Increased CPK levels may be seen in some muscular disorders (myopathies), which have a wide variety of causes. People may have CPK levels that are significantly to greatly increased, depending upon the severity of muscle damage. Those who have rhabdomyolysis may have CPK levels that are 100 times normal levels and occasionally even higher.

Normal CPK levels may indicate that there has not been muscle damage or that it occurred several days prior to testing.

Moderately increased CPK levels may be seen following strenuous exercise such as in weightlifting, contact sports, or long exercise sessions. Some medicines like statin may also increase the CPK levels and hence it is important to tell your doctor about your medication.

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