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Chloride Test Noida

A chloride test measures the amount of chloride in your blood. The chloride is basically type of electrolyte. Electrolytes are electrical charged minerals that help the amount of fluids and the balance of acids and bases in your body.

The Chloride Test helps determine various serious health issues related to imbalance of acides or fluids and provides you with a clear picture of what's wrong with your body. You can secure some fantastic Chloride Test Noida for a complete diagnose of body check-up.

If you are scared of spending hefty amounts on Chloride Test price, then let us inform you that you can enjoy a affordable price cut at Pathlab in Noida. The chloride is measured along with electrolytes to diagnose or monitor conditions such as kidney disease, heart failure, liver disease and high blood pressure.The Chloride Test cost is reasonable and reliable at CNC Pathlab.

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