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Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect)Test

Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect)Test Noida

Direct or conjugated bilirubin is bilirubin that has been attached by the liver to glucuronic acid, a glucose-derived acid. Bilirubin that is not conjugated to glucuronic acid is referred to as indirect or unconjugated bilirubin. Total bilirubin is the sum of all the bilirubin in your blood.

The Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test helps determine various serious health issues related to your liver and provides you with a clear picture of what's wrong with your body. You can secure some fantastic Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test Noida for a complete liver health check-up.

If you are scared of spending hefty amounts on Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect)test price, then let us inform you that you can enjoy a affordable price cut at Pathlab in Noida. A test helps you diagnose liver issues, including jaundice, anemia, Liver disease, etc. The Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) cost is reasonable and reliable at CNC Pathlab.


What is the purpose of it?

Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) is a blood test that determines the amount of bilirubin in the body. This test is used to determine how well your liver is functioning. It is frequently part of a panel of tests that assesses liver function. A low level of bilirubin in your blood is normal, but a high level may indicate liver disease.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test?

When the blood is drawn, you may experience moderate pain or a mild pinching sensation. You may feel a pulsing sensation after the needle is removed.You will be told to apply pressure to the area where the needle entered your skin. A bandage will be applied to the affected area. This bandage should be worn for at least 10 to 20 minutes.You should avoid heavy lifting with that arm for the rest of the day.

After Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) blood test, what happens?

If your bilirubin levels are abnormally high, your doctor may order additional tests to determine the underlying cause. Once your doctor has determined the cause of your elevated bilirubin levels, you may require additional bilirubin blood test Lab Delhi to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. If your doctor suspects that your liver or gallbladder are not working properly, he or she may order imaging tests to ensure that there are no structural abnormalities.

Where and how Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test lab Delhi performed?

The CNC Pathlab is one of the leading diagnostic and healthcare tests pathlab and they perform the Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test in their Lab Location based on Delhi.

What is the Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test price?

The cost of Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) test is around Rs 250 only.

Is fasting required for Bilirubin (Total Direct Indirect) Delhi?

For this test, you must stop eating or drinking anything other than water for four hours prior to the test. You can drink as much water as you normally would before going to the laboratory or collection site. You may be required to discontinue certain medications prior to the test, but only if your doctor instructs you to do so.


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