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Alpha Feto Protein, AFP Noida

AFP is an abbreviation for alpha-fetoprotein. It is a protein produced in a developing baby's liver. When a baby is born, his or her AFP levels are usually high, but by the age of one, they have dropped to very low levels. AFP levels in healthy adults should be very low.

An AFP tumour marker test is a blood test that determines AFP levels in adults. Tumor markers are substances produced in the body by cancer cells or normal cells in response to cancer. High levels of AFP can indicate liver cancer, ovarian or testicular cancer, as well as noncancerous liver diseases like cirrhosis and hepatitis.

A  Alpha Feto Protein, AFP helps to determine the cancer treatment and provides you with a clear picture of what's wrong with your body. You can secure some fantastic Alpha Feto Protein, AFP Noida for a complete diagnosis of body check-up.

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