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IL-6 Test Noida

What is Interlukin?

Interlukin is a protein that works as an activation marker of immune system. During an infection, human body fights the antigen by generating an inflammatory response. IL-6 Test helps in measuring the amount of Interlukin in the blood. Healthcare advisors say, Interlukin-6 test is extremely important for Covid-19 Test. You can easily avail IL-6 Testing facility at the convenience of your home, by CNC Pathlab. Book your test, today!  CNC Pathlab offers best test results at best prices!

What is the sample type used for IL-6 Testing?

Blood sample is used for IL-6 Testing. No pre-preparation is required for IL-6 Test.  

Why get tested?

IL-6 helps in detecting the inflammatory response of human body to diseases. Doctors recommend getting IL-6 Test for COVID and other diseases.  

When to get tested?

Whenever the human body is going through infection and an aggravated immune response, doctors recommend getting IL-6 levels checked. For diseases like cardiovascular complications, diabetes, and stroke, measuring IL-6 becomes extremely important.

What does the test results indicate?

If IL-6 levels are higher than expected, it indicates an aggravated immune response which may be due to body going through an infection or the above-mentioned diseases. 

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