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Arthritis Profile (For Joints Pain)

Arthritis Profile (For Joints Pain) Noida

Arthritis affects a large number of people, particularly the elderly. It is characterized by inflammation of bone joints and comes in a variety of forms. This Arthritis Panel is specifically developed to detect even the smallest possibility of arthritis in the body.

The tests that are included in your Arthritis Profile are CBC with ESR, CRP, RA Factor, ANA, Uric Acid, ASO (Ant streptolysin O), Anti- CCP, Total Calcium, Ionized Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3. CNC Pathlab has 39 parameters that provide you with a detailed picture of your health. CNC Pathlab is a leading diagnostic lab that offers a wide range of health services to customers. In order to maintain your health from the comfort of your own home, you can choose from the Arthritis Profile or other packages that are more suited to your needs (at-home services).

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