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Thrombotic Risk DNA Panel


DESCRIPTION – evaluates thrombotic risk (risk of abnormal blood clots) concerned about clotting and strokes? This panel includes tests for inflammatory/clotting markers, insulin, resistance markers, lipid markers, blood cells, kidney function, liver function as well as other markers included in a CBC panel

METHODOLOGY – polymerase chain reaction (PCR)


PATIENT PREPARATION – fasting preferred

COLLECT – four light blue (sodium citrate) and 2 lavender (EDTA) and 2 serum separator tube

SPECIMEN PREPARATION one serum separator tube, green, or EDTA must be centrifuged or serum or plasma separated within 1 hour of collection. Transport 1 ml centrifuged serum to transport tube for homocysteine testing. Transport 2 ml serum to transport tube, label as serum. Transfer 7.5 ml platelet poor plasma prepared from sodium citrate tubes to transport tube, label as sodium citrate. Transport 3 ml lavender whole blood to 2 transport tube

STORAGE/TRANSPORT TEMPERATURE – light blue (sodium citrate) should be critically frozen and lavender, whole blood and serum, green or EDTA are frozen


Light blue – frozen: 2 weeks

Lavender whole blood – ambient: 7 days; refrigerated: 1 week; frozen: 1 month

Serum – ambient: 2 hours; refrigerated: 1 week; frozen: 2 week

Green or EDTA – ambient: 4 days; refrigerated: 1 month; frozen: 10 month

UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION – specimens collected in tube other than listed above

MRP 10500.00

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – clinical history is mandatory

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8th day
Pre-Test Information
5 ml of EDTA whole blood
Home Collection-
Offer Price10,500.00
Total Amount₹10,500.00
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