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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Test


DESCRIPTION – this is a condition when a woman has 2 or more clinical pregnancy losses (miscarriages) before the pregnancies reach 20 weeks. Losses are classified by when they occur. Loss of a clinical pregnancy is diagnosed by a health care provider using ultrasound

METHODOLOGY – next generation sequencing (NGS)

TURN AROUND TIME – 14-28 days


COLLECT – thaw media prior to tissue inoculation. Products of conception in a sterile, screw top container, filled with tissue culture transport medium.

SPECIMEN PREPARATION – do not freeze and do not place in formalin. Transport minimum 5 mg of products of conception.

STORAGE/TRANSPORT TEMPERATURE – room temperature or refrigerated

STABILITY ambient: 48 hours; refrigerated: 48 hours

UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION – frozen specimens, formalin fix specimens and contaminated specimens

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – clinical history is mandatory

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