What is COVID-19? What are the symptoms of COVID-19.

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What is COVID-19? 

COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease 2019) is an infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2)

What are the common symptoms of COVID-19? 

These symptoms initiate one to fourteen days prior exposure to the virus. Majority of the people develop mild to moderate symptoms and do not require hospitalization. 

COVID-19 TESTS: Need of the moment!

Here is a list tests you can get done at CNC Pathlab: 

  1. COVID-19 RT-PCR Test 

    This test is used to detect the presence of virus in your body, by taking a nasal or throat swab sample. This test is highly accurate and sensitive. If the virus is present in the sample, the test is positive but a negative test doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not infected, you might have taken the test in the early days of the infection. 
  2. COVID-19 Antigen Testing

    This test helps identify the antigens related to the COVID-19 virus. Antigen test, also known as rapid antigen test, is a rapid diagnostic test that gives results faster than molecular tests.
  3. COVID-19 Antibody Testing

    COVID-19 Antibody tests, also known as, Serological test, or Serology blood test, are screening tests for COVID-19 antibodies in your blood. It can tell if you were previously infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. The antibody test does not look for the active virus but checks whether your immune system has responded to the infection. A COVID-19 antibody test may not show if you have an active virus in your body causing COVID-19 infection.


Who should get tested? 

1.    People who have symptoms of COVID
2.    People who have had a close contact with someone who tested COVID-19 Positive. 
3.    People who have taken part in mass gatherings, people who have travelled or been in crowded places 
4.    People who have been referred to get tested by their healthcare providers. 


What to do after getting the tested? 

1.    If you test positive, immediately self-isolate and inform people you have been in contact with. Take all the necessary protective steps and contact your healthcare provider if your symptoms get worse. 

2.    If you test negative, you might not have been infected at the time of sample collection, so you could still have the virus. Get tested again in a few days if symptoms develop.  


Never let your health take a backseat. Get yourself tested regularly. 

For bookings contact on +91-7519071907 or book directly on our website! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What documents are required to get a COVID-19 Test done? 

A. 1. Doctor’s signed prescription
     2. Valid Govt. photo-id (Aadhaar card/ Voter Id/ Driving license/Passport) to support the         current address and contact number of the suspect patient to be provided at the time of sample collection.

Q. How can I book my COVID-19 test? 

A. You can register yourself by visiting CNC PATHLAB website www.cncpathlab.com or mobile app & book your home collection slot online or else you can call at our customer care no. +91-7519071907

Q. What kind of sample will be taken? 

A. For RT-PCR, Nasal/Oral Swab sample will be taken. 

Q. What is the sample transportation process?

A. The sample will be collected in a viral transport medium (VTM) to maintain the stability of the sample. This will further get transported in a cold chain.

Q. When can I see my report? 

A. You will receive your report within 24 hours of testing