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What do you need to know about the Complete blood count (CBC) test?

What do you need to know about the Complete blood count (CBC) test?

Apr 2022

The CBC, or Complete Blood Count, test is a basic screening that collects information about your blood. It aids in the diagnosis of diseases and the prevention of current medical conditions.

It is a blood test that allows doctors to assess a patient’s overall health. It is also used to detect any type of disorder in the patient, such as leukemia or anemia, which are frequently caused by a low red blood cell count.

A CBC is typically performed as part of the patient’s annual health maintenance. Patients who have symptoms such as fever, weakness, or fatigue are frequently asked to have a complete blood count (CBC). This test assists doctors in determining whether or not you have an infection in your bloodstream. A CBC is also performed to evaluate the progress of ongoing medical treatment. Treatment that affects your blood levels, such as chemotherapy, must be monitored to determine whether or not they are beneficial.

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The human body is made up of many cells that join together to form organs. However, few cells function independently and carry out their functions within body fluids such as blood. Monitoring the status of these cells provides detailed information about various related disorders.

This test makes use of advanced instruments to analyse blood parameters in order to provide accurate results.

It primarily computes white blood cell (WBC), red blood cell (RBC), platelet, haemoglobin (Hb), and haematocrit levels (Hct).

During a Complete Blood Count Test, what happens?

The complete blood count (CBC) test is the same as another blood test. The healthcare person will take a sample of blood from a vein in your arm. This sample will be examined in the laboratory. There is no such special diet that needs to be followed prior to the CBC test. You are advised to consume and drink normally in order to observe how your regular diet affects your blood. The test will only take a few minutes, after which you can return to your regular work. The amount of blood taken is insufficient to cause dizziness. If your provider has ordered additional blood work in addition to the CBC, you may need it fast.

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Purpose of a CBC Test Delhi

There are so many reasons for the CBC test but the main purpose of CBC Test is as follow:

  • Monitor the progress of treatment

  • Help to rule out any disease or disorder

  • Evaluation of overall health

  • It helps to diagnose various disease

  • We can detect abnormalities

Benefits of CBC Test Delhi

  • CBC tests are the first step in diagnosing a disease in your body based on symptoms.
  • Following a diagnosis, the CBC test will assist in monitoring your treatment procedures in light of your current health conditions.
  • When medications affect blood cell counts, CBC can help determine whether your medications are helping you.
  • The test aids in the detection of abnormalities in your health. This test is frequently used to detect anaemia or leukaemia in patients.

CBC test price in Delhi

The CBC test price in Delhi varies depending on where you live and which pathological labs you use. It is, however, quite reasonable and not at all exorbitant. Again, because the advantages outnumber the disadvantages, the costs are outweighed.

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