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What are the most common causes of summer hair loss?

What are the most common causes of summer hair loss?

Jun 2022

Summer is a wonderful time because of the sun, the waves, and the mild weather. In the summer, many of us will notice that we have more hair fall than usual; you are not alone. Hair loss due to the seasons is more common than you might believe, and it's usually just temporary. Hair loss, whether temporary or permanent, can be aggravating. Summer hair loss affects both men and women, and is brought on by a combination of internal and environmental factors.

Summer promotes hair loss as a result of heat, chlorine, and sun exposure; hair can become brittle, dry, and prone to damage after the summer. Hair follicles that survive the entire year are no longer needed as a solar protection, therefore they fall out. As a result, you may find that your hair falls out a lot in the summer. There's no need to be concerned. There are techniques to repair the damage and bring your best hair forward if you suffer from seasonal hair loss.

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Hormonal Influence on Summer


When we're out in the scorching summer heat, we tend to burn our heads, which is the major cause of summer hair loss. UV rays can cause your hair to become dull, dry, and discolored by sucking in remnants of moisture and discoloring it. Dry hair is very brittle and readily breaks. To avoid this, use a thick hat or a thermal protector over your hair.


People enjoy swimming in the summer, and their hair gets wet from the pool water. Chemicals are frequently included in pool water, which can harm your hair. Because chlorine has chemical qualities that dry out your hair shaft and cause it to secrete sebum, it becomes dull, brittle, harsh, and easily broken. To avoid this, cover and nourish your hair with a small amount of olive or coconut oil.


Higher temperatures are perfect for microorganisms that cause dandruff Malassezia globosa to flourish, therefore hot weather is known to aggravate dandruff and trigger a flare-up. Dandruff, if left untreated, can cause itching and inflammation, as well as temporary hair loss. In order to avoid this, anti-dandruff shampoo should be used in the summer.

Wet Brushing

Because we are in the pool or at the beach more regularly or shower more frequently in the summer, our hair comes into touch with water a little more than usual. You should not tie or brush your hair if it is wet. It's better to liberate the hair by moving your fingers through it. Invest in good shampoos with active components that will strengthen your roots and prevent hair loss even more.

Air Conditioner

The hair conditioner is most likely your hair's worst enemy. We utilize it a lot more in the summer. Air conditioners dehydrate hair and cause it to break by removing moisture. To avoid this, use a conditioner once a week or apply a hydrating hair mask to your hair once a week.

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Prevent hair loss in summer:

  • Maintain a clean and dry scalp.
  • Shampoo three times a week with sulfate-free, paraben-free products.
  • Before tying your hair, make sure it's completely dry.
  • Dust and sweat can cause dandruff, so make sure you protect your scalp from them.
  • Conditioners can dry out your hair and scalp, so avoid them.
  • Increase blood flow to your scalp by doing yoga and exercising on a daily basis.