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The variant of Interest (VOI)

The variant of Interest (VOI)

Aug 2021

A variant with specific genetic markers that square measure associated with changes to receptor binding, reduced neutralization by antibodies generated against previous infection or vaccination, decreased effectiveness of treatments, potential diagnostic impact, or predicted increase in transmissibility or illness severity.

Possible attributes of a variant of interest:

• Specific genetic markers that unit predicted to possess an impression on transmission, medical science, medical science, or immune escape

• proof that it is the reason behind academic degree raised proportion of cases or distinctive happening clusters.

• restricted prevalence or enlargement among the USA or in various countries.

A variant of interest may like one or more appropriate public health actions, besides raised sequence police investigation, presented laboratory characterization, or medicine investigations to assess. Still, merely the virus spreads to others, the severity of illness, the effectiveness of medical science, and whether or not or not presently approved vaccines give protection. Current variants of interest among the United States of America that unit being monitored and characterized team are listed below. This might be updated once a replacement variant of interest is thought.

WHO Label: Eta, Iota, Kappa


A variant of Concern (VOC)

There is proof that there is an increase in transmissibility, tons of severe illness (e.g., raised hospitalizations or deaths), vital reduction in neutralization by antibodies generated throughout previous infection or vaccination, reduced effectiveness of treatments or vaccines, or diagnostic detection failures.

Possible attributes of a variant of concern:

Additionally to the potential attributes of a variant of interest

1. proof of an impact on medical science, treatments, or vaccines

• Widespread interference with assay targets

• Evidence of well-weakened status to a minimum of one or tons of class of therapies

• Evidence of significantly weakened neutralization by antibodies generated throughout previous infection or vaccination

• Evidence of reduced vaccine-induced protection from severe illness

2. proof of raised transmissibility

3. proof of raised illness severity.


Variants of concern may like one or tons of appropriate public health actions, like notification to United Nations agency at a lower place the International Health rules, coverage to the bureau, native or regional efforts to manage unfold, raised testing, or analysis to envision the effectiveness of vaccines and coverings against the variant. Supported the characteristics of the variant, more issues may embody the event of recent medical science or the modification of vaccines or treatments.

WHO Label: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma


A variant of High Consequence (VOHC)

A variant of high consequence has clear proof that bar measures or medical countermeasures (MCMs) have significantly reduced effectiveness relative to previous variants.

Possible attributes of a variant of high consequence:

In addition to the potential characteristics of a variant of concern

• Impact on Medical Countermeasures (MCM)

• Demonstrated failure of assay targets

• Evidence to suggest a significant reduction in antigen effectiveness, a disproportionately high kind of antigen breakthrough cases, or deficient vaccine-induced protection against severe illness •

Significantly reduced status to multiple Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or approved medical science

• More severe clinical illness and raised hospitalizations

A variant of high consequence would wish the notification to United Nations agency at a lower place the International Health rules, coverage to the bureau, academic degree announcement of ways to forestall or contain the transmission, and proposals to update treatments and vaccines.

Currently, there are not any SARS-CoV-2 variants that rise to the number of high consequences.