RT-PCR DELHI an incredibly easy method that work to detect COVID virus

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It’s a new beginning of a new year, still, the corona is affecting everyone’s lifestyle. Even though it affects the economic status of the country. For the last 2year, COVID has affected more than a million people's lives in the world. Many people lost their loved ones. The first wave and second wave of the COVID pandemic are challenging for the entire world and still target different countries. Now the new variants of Omicron are baffling scientists and medical professionals. The new variants are coming day by day with multiple mutations. This Omicron is far more affecting and spreading very frequently. Due to omicron, the country has to face the third wave of coronavirus.

This is a tough time for all human beings as it affects their lifecycle. Now, we all understand that washing hands, maintaining social distance, and wearing masks can help us from the COVID virus.

After the first wave of coronavirus, testing is stepped up and done at a faster pace. The testing is going on fast. These tests can be done by health workers, government, and scientists to find more variants and mutations and to also find the cure for them. To make these testing available the Indian government provided many services. The Government offers the detection test (RT-PCR), Antibody Test, Rapid Antigen Test.

RT-PCR stands for Real-Time Reverse transcription-polymerase Chain Reaction is a test for COVID-19 that analyzes the upper respiratory tract and looks for the virus that causes COVID-19. It has been the most effective and surety test since the beginning of the pandemic in India. Many specialists prefer this test to detect the virus in humans. RT- PCR Test Delhi was the first and fully proof test to detect the COVID virus in the beginning and till now.  But now there are lots of new test kits also available like Rapid antibody test, Rapid Antigen Test. It is done by collecting swabs from the nose and throat to check COVID infection in the patients. RT- PCR test Delhi is more recommended for tracing the infection in person than other testing kits.

RT-PCR test is provided by the Delhi government in every Delhi government hospital and private hospitals and laboratories. This RT-PCR lab testing gives nearly 100 percent surety that the person is infected from COVID or not. This test can detect the virus even if the person is less infected and there are no symptoms available. The RT-PCR test includes the extraction of the genetic material of the virus. The result of the RT-PCR test takes almost 2-3 days.

If the test report turns out positive, the person has to isolate himself/herself from others and take medications consulted by doctors.

In Delhi, if you have RT- PCR from anywhere in Delhi you will be getting messages for it. The RT-PCR test Delhi is done by trained professionals with the help of an RT-PCR kit. It basically involves the extraction of the genetic material of the COVID virus from the human body that detects the genes specific for the SARS-COV-2 virus.

If someone has any symptoms of coronavirus, according to ICMR guidelines it is required and advisable to get the COVID RT-PCR test done.

The common symptoms of COVID are fever, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, loss of taste and smell, congestion and running nose, headache, feeling tired, fatigue, shortness of breath, dry cough and muscle or body aches, and many more other symptoms. These all symptoms sometimes lead to sleeping difficulties, mental disturbances, depression, and consciousness in the person.

People of all ages especially those aged and children should seek medical attention right away if they feel or have any symptoms of COVID. Should contact their health care provider or nearby hospitals or clinics.

There is no documentation required at the time of booking. The person only needs to provide some basic details. After booking the slot, a person must fill-up the ICMR referral form in government hospitals or in centers in Delhi. But in private labs, if they have authority provided by the government they can register their customers' details in the ICMR referral form. During the time of sample testing the person is required to have Government approved photo ID (Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Pan Card, Driving License) along with a booking ID.

RT-PCR test Delhi has been the best test during pandemics for the detection of the COVID virus. It is highly reliable and efficient. The Delhi government prefers RT-PCR more than Rapid Antigen Test. As it has a hundred percent accurate result. Now, in Delhi, the RT-PCR screening test is done in just 30 minutes for all the passengers. 35 rapid RT-PCR testing machines are functioning in Delhi airport. And it is mandatory to have RT-PCR done for traveling from Delhi or coming to Delhi. All the RT-PCR testing has been highly accurate to detect the presence of coronavirus in the human body. It helps in identifying the presence of coronavirus and also acts as a shield by protecting and spreading the infection from infected to uninfected persons. This testing has already proved how important it is to be aware of coronavirus.