Know Where To Book Your Real-Time RT-PCR Test

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Covid-19 cases are surging in the country, along with increasing the post-covid complications in the recovered patients. It is imperative to keep up with your health at this point. You must keep yourself updated with all the recent developments and updates, including its symptoms, to test and scientific ways that can lead you to detect and prevent the diseases at the earliest. However, various labs and hospitals are providing RT-PCR test Delhi, CT scans, rapid antigen tests, and other kinds of tests to discover the presence of covid.

Keeping the current situation in mind, the RT-PCR test is stated as one of the most accurate and authentic tests to detect covid-19 in a human body. It is a polymerase test to get the authentic results of whether the patient is covid positive or not. However, the covid-19 test price in Delhi varies depending on the types of tests, services, facilities, and complications.


What Is The RT-PCR Test?

RT-PCR is considered the gold standard testing approach for detecting covid in a patient. A polymerase chain reaction test is done to detect the genetic presence of a specific organism, such as a virus. This test is accountable for detecting the presence of a specific virus you get infected with. Besides, it can also detect the various fragments of the virus even if you have recovered or are no longer infected.


Who Should Get Tested For Covid 19?

Patients who have the following symptoms should get themselves tested as soon as possible:


Reasons To Take Covid 19 RT-PCR Test

If you have symptoms or recently came in contact with a covid positive patient, you must get yourself tested. Besides, it is one of the most accurate and reliable tests that detect the presence of the actual virus. It will help you know if you are covid positive or not so you can take timely actions to protect yourself and the people around you with the proper treatment. It has become compulsory for everyone traveling from one city to the other, as each state government has announced their own rules that have to be followed accordingly. Other than that, the virus is rapidly increasing in India, and it is the only prominent way to keep yourself protected. To know the covid-19 test price in Delhi, you can check various resources online!


How Does The RT-PCT Test Work?

If you go for an RT-PCR test Delhi, a swab sample will be collected via nose or throat. It contains a soft, flexible stick that is inserted into the nose or throat. However, various types of nasal swabs are done to collect the sample. Once it is collected, it is sealed with a tube and sent to the laboratory for the test. Laboratory experts performed extraction and isolated the genetic material from the sample.

Afterward, scientists use various chemicals and a PCR machine known as a thermal cycler that causes a response to produce millions of copies of the small portion of covid 19 genetic material. One of the chemicals constructs fluorescent light during this procedure if covid 19 is present in the samples.  It is referred to as a signal detected by the RT-PCR approach to proving the positive results.


How Much Time Does It Take For Covid 19 RT-PCR Test?

It takes as early as 24 hours after the sample is collected from the patient. Other than that, it also depends on various factors, including how long it takes samples to reach the lab, how many samples are still there to be tested, the availability of the doctors to conduct the test, etc. However, PCR is a popular diagnostic test to detect various illnesses done by pathogens or viruses such as swine flu, Ebola, HIV, etc. If you feel any symptoms, you can book an RT-PCR test at home Delhi.


Where To Schedule Covid-19 RT-PCT Test At Reasonable Prices?

Are you looking for the RT-PCR test at home Delhi? You can get yourself tested at the CNC Pathlab after booking the appointment by the patient name from their website. The professionals are highly trained and follow all the safety measures while conducting the tests. Besides, the covid-19 test price in Delhi at CNC Pathlab is highly affordable without taking any extra hidden charges.

CNC Pathlab uses high-end technology equipment and provides budgetary and safe home sampling services to the patients. If you are searching for a reliable Covid RT-PCR Test Delhi, CNC Pathlab is the best place where you can put your trust. In case of an emergency, you can call their medical staff as they are 24x7 available to provide patient support. CNC Pathlab puts their patients as their top priority and serves them as their own, which makes their services unparalleled.