NABL | ICMR Accredited Lab | ICMR Reg. No.: CNCPLDD

Molecular Diagnostics

  • 10000 results per hour capability
  • Fully Automated High Throughput Analysers
  • Integrated with robust IT solutions
  • State of the art - ICPMS (Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer)
  • Have LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer) - sensitive technique that can precisely determine the identities and concentration of compounds within patient samples.

Instrument & Equipments

IonTorrent Proton, OneTouchES _OneTouch2

Ion Torrent platform is recognized as the world’s first PostLight sequencing technology. Instead of using light as an intermediary, Ion Torrent technology creates a new semiconductor chip—with high-density of micro-machined wells to perform biochemical process in a massively parallel way.
  • Simple: Simple sequencing chemistry based on semi-conductor technology, without optical detection. Low sample requirement.
  • Fast: Sequencing within 2-3 hours, rapid turnaround time (~2 days) from sample to DNA sequences.
  • Flexible: Flexible scaled chips on PGM and Proton systems for different throughput needs.
  • High Accuracy: 99.97%.
  • Being Used for Oncology NGS tests, including BRCA, 50/Any 3 gene CANCER PANELS, MBFD (NIPT) etc

3500 DX Genetic Analyzer

The 3500 Genetic Analyzer with the 8-capillary design featuring a powerful, integrated data collection that provides real-time assessment.
  • This sequencer allows for a majority of applications to utilize a single polymer and capillary array.
  • The 3500 design boost high performance turn times while providing environmentally controlled results.
  • while retaining the unparalleled desired application versatility.
  • Used For Sanger Sequencing of Small fragments of DNA

COBAS Taqman 96 Analyzer

Roche COBAS TaqMan 96 Automated DNA Amplification and Detection Analyzer.
  • Fully Automated real-time amplification and detection analyzer
  • Fast: Sequencing within 2-3 hours, rapid turnaround time (~2 days) from sample to DNA sequences.
  • A high-capacity 96 sample-format that provides automated real-time amplification and detection of DNA or RNA for up to four assays at the same time.
  • Used For Quantitation HCV, HBV, HIV and CMV


  • Innovative, easy-to-use modular system with built-in touchscreen.
  • Purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples.
  • Automatic transfer of eluates to the QIAsymphony AS for assay setup.
  • Continuous sample loading, with bar code reading for sample tracking.
  • Used For fully integrated automation of complete workflows, from sample preparation to assay setup

QIAcube HT - QIAgility

  • QIAcube HT is a compact benchtop instrument that enables automated mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification in 96-well format using silica membrane technology.
  • Users can quickly and easily purify DNA, RNA and miRNA from almost any type of sample – including cells, tissues and food material, as well as from bacteria and viruses in animal samples.
  • Automated protocols and dedicated QIAcube HT purification kits and plasticware increase reliability and convenience and save valuable time. The system provides the same high-quality results as other trusted QIAGEN purification technologies.
  • The QIAgility is a compact benchtop instrument that enables rapid, high-precision setup of PCR experiments with ready-to-use software for ease and convenience.
  • We are using these instruments for TB PC

QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR System

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR System is ideal for laboratories with multiple applications. It is an ideal qPCR platform to accommodate changing future needs.

96-well Fast, 384-well plates can be used.
  • Gene expression, SNP genotyping, Copy number variation
  • Protein thermal shift, High resolution melt and Pathogen detection