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It is essential to assess your health from time to time, and health packages are the best way to get yourself tested for some specific conditions, which keeps severe health-related issues at bay. It is better to keep a proper check of your body instead of waiting for a medical emergency unprepared. You can benefit from full-body health packages in Shastri Park that are integrated with the most beneficial set of tests essential to stay informed about monitoring and maintaining your health parameters.

At CNC Pathlab, we are equipped with advanced technology that enables us to diagnose your health status with complete accuracy and precision. We are your best medical partner for Full Body Health Packages in Shastri Park, as CNC Pathlab is powered by a team of experienced healthcare providers, physicians who help us maintain our quality of services.

Healthcure Covid-19 Total Antibody Panel

  1 Test Included

   12 Hours

Rs. 720    Rs. 900

Healthcure Fever Panel

  27+ Tests Included

   24 Hours

Rs. 3760    Rs. 4700

Healthcure IL-6 Premium Panel

  39+ Tests Included

   24 Hours

Rs. 9600    Rs. 12000

Healthcure Full Body Basic

  28+ Tests Included

   24 Hours

Rs. 1529.1    Rs. 1699

Healthcure Full Body Essential

  50+ Tests Included

   24 Hours

Rs. 2345.4    Rs. 2606

Healthcure Full Body Advanced

  55+ Tests Included

   24 Hours

Rs. 5754.6    Rs. 6394

More on health package

Even if you feel the best of yourself, both internally and externally, health packages are perfect for providing you with a larger picture of your body's health status. CNC Pathlab is a renowned name for comprehensive healthcare services and offers reasonable health checkup packages price. This saves you from the extra load of money that goes into buying different types of health test packages.  

We aim to maintain 100% transparency in all our services, with multiple tests included in our individual health packages such as lung test, liver test, kidney test, heart test, etc. Our esteemed customer base is the testimony for our world-class quality medical services at the most cost-effective rates. We priorities our customer's comfort and also offer online home collection services for testing samples.

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