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T3 300


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:  Blood

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A T3 blood test or Triiodothyronine test is performed to measure the levels of triiodothyronine hormones in the body produced by the thyroid gland. The T3 hormone is present in two forms: one attached with the protein and another available in the free state. Your healthcare provider may recommend you to undergo a T3 blood test in case hyperthyroidism is suspected.

The symptoms included are anxiety, weight loss, fatigue, problem in sleeping, too frequent bowel movements, etc. T3 test package Delhi by CNC Pathlab are highly beneficial in determining the causes of health issues you may be facing. CNC Pathlab is a leading medical laboratory equipped with advanced technology helpful in carrying out crucial health check-ups with complete precision.

During your T3 blood test, a blood sample is drawn out from the body with the help of a small needle. This sample is further sent to the medical lab for evaluation. CNC Pathlab offers affordable T3 test price without compromising on the levels of services offered. If you are looking for an online home sample collection, CNC Pathlab also provides doorstep services. Book now!

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The folks around India can find our T3 blood test Lab in specific places. We are presently operating in Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, and Gurugram.