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HDL Cholesterol Test


A HDL cholesterol test measures the amount of good cholesterol in your blood.

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:  Blood, Liver

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:  24 Hours

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  Blood, Heart

  No Special Preparation Required..


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What is Hdl cholesterol test?

A HDL cholesterol test measures the amount of good cholesterol in your blood.


Why take Hdl cholesterol Test?

HDL Cholesterol test is almost always ordered together with Lipid Profile to determine an individual’s chances of suffering from heart disease. HDL Cholesterol test is also ordered for patients who are under high risk (ie above 45 years old, into heavy smoking, has hypertension, diabetes mellitus and a family history are some of the risk factors.) HDL cholesterol along with lipid profile are routine tests and form a part of the preliminary analysis used to assess cardiac health.


Test recommended for people who:

  1. Have diabetes
  2. Have a history of heart diseases
  3. Have high bp
  4. Smoke frequently


More about Hdl cholesterol

HDL Cholesterol is called as the good cholesterol is a test to determine the said amount, as it’s very important to have good and high amount of HDL in the blood, as it carries bad cholesterol from blood to the liver where it gets removed. Thus, HDL is beneficial to the body and high levels are desirable and indicate protection from the risk of heart disease.

Reference range depends on age, gender and medical history.

Desirable: A HDL cholesterol level above 60 mg/dL is considered desirable and reflects a low risk of heart disease.

If HDL-C is less than 40 mg/dL for men and less than 50 mg/dL for women, irrespective of other lipid parameters it indicates high risk for heart disease.

HDL-C of 60 mg/dL or higher is associated with a less than average risk of heart disease.

HDL Cholesterol although has its own independent significance, it should always be evaluated with other lipid parameters, medical history and risk factors.