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Description- SALL4 stands for Sal-like four could be a sensitive marker for endocrine seminoma/dysgerminoma, embryonal carcinomas, and food sac neoplasm in addition as their pathological process kind, together with those metastasizing to the system. An immunohistochemical panel, together with SALL4, OCT4, and CD30, helps solve this diagnostic issue. Germinoma are going to be positive for each SALL4 and OCT4 however negative for CD30, whereas carcinoma can show SALL4+/OCT4+/CD30+ profile, and food sac neoplasm can show SALL4+/OCT4/CD30 profile.

Methodology: Immunohistochemistry


TAT: 3-5 days


Specimen Preparation
Collect - tissue /or cell
Specimen Preparation- formal fix (10 % neutral buffered formalin) and paraffin enter specimen (FFPE specimens square measure needed). shield paraffin block or slides from uncontrolled heat. Transport tissue block or five unstained (3-micron thick sections), charged slides during a tissue transport kit. (Min: a pair of slides). If causing precut slides, don't over heat it.
Storage/Transport Temperature- At temperature or cold. Transport it in cooled instrumentation throughout weather.
Unacceptable conditions- i) Specimens submitted with non-marked/tagged tissue sort square measure rejected.
ii) Depleted specimens aren't tested.
Stability- i) Ambient: Indefinitely;
ii) Refrigerated: Indefinitely;
iii) Frozen: Unacceptable



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