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Anemia Profile-1

Anemia Profile-1 Noida

Anemia is a blood condition in which the body produces fewer red blood cells or hemoglobin than normal. It is a prevalent ailment that affects men and women of all ages, races, and ethnicities. An anemia profile is a set of laboratory blood tests that determines the body's iron levels, hemoglobin, ferritin, and oxygen binding capability.

This Anemia Profile-I is essential to examine those who are easily fatigued, lack concentration, or are weak. These are common signs of anemia, which can be caused by a lack of iron, malnutrition, or continuous blood loss from the body.

CNC Pathlab has 33 parameters that provide you with a detailed picture of your health. The Ferritin, Folic Acid, Iron, TIBC, CBC, Peripheral Blood Smear are all included in our Anemia Profile-I. These tests will benefit you in maintaining your health. You can opt for the Anemia Profile-I or other packages that are better suited to your needs in order to maintain your health from your comfort place (at-home services).

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