Coronavirus Testing: All you need to know

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Up until the end of 2019, the scenario in medical units was completely different from what it is now- no emergencies, no need for extra oxygen, beds and ICU facilities. The last year showed almost all of us what it is to be like in the midst of a brutal and deadly pandemic, with no definite cure for it. Medical facilities have grabbed the forefront in this respect. Now, everyone just talks about coronavirus disease, its testing, diagnosis and treatment. This has ushered a new wave of healthcare amenities before the general public.


Coronavirus: All you need to know

Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by the deadly coronavirus, which has been recently discovered to be first emerging in Wuhan city of China. It mainly gets transmitted among various people through water droplets. The pandemic has increased death and infection risks among almost the whole world population. The main symptoms for the same includes:


Methods of getting tested:

With the rapid increase in the number of people being affected by this infectious disease, you need to know basic things like how to get tested, what all processes are involved, how to get cured, and so on. The coronavirus testing price is being controlled so that more and more people get the opportunity to test themselves as soon as possible. There are a number of ways to get tested for coronavirus disease:

  1. Swab test: This is the most common testing done for regular checks. For this, samples are collected from your nose and throat to check whether the virus is present in your body or not. This includes an RT-PCR testing method.
  2. Sputum test: Sputum refers to the thick mucus that gets accumulated in your lungs. In this process, you are required to cough out the mucus that gets collected for sample testing.
  3. Nasal aspirate: In this process, a saline solution is sent inside your nasal cavity, and it is sucked to get the sample.
  4. Tracheal aspirate: This process involves a tube that is passed through your trachea and reaches your lungs, from where it accumulates samples for testing.
  5. Blood test: In this process, blood samples are collected from a vein in either of your arms.


 Are there risks involved in testing?

The answer is a big ’no’. You can have pain and an uncomfortable feeling during or after the tests, but it is temporary and reduces with time. No such case has been recorded where people have faced severe after-effects of coronavirus testing in India. You need not worry about the consequences because there aren’t any! Follow the covid protocols, wear a mask, ensure safe distancing with people, and get yourself tested.

It is preferred that one gets tested only when he or she gets the common symptoms like fever, dry cough, tiredness, and loss of taste or smell. There are various cases of asymptomatic coronavirus disease as well, and you can get yourself tested as and when required. Otherwise, just stay at home and build up your immunity for fighting the disease with ease.


Do’s and don’ts after getting tested as positive for the coronavirus disease.

There are many factors that play a major role to decide what you should do after you have tested positive for the virus. You need to give a proper thought about how your daily activities are going to continue after this. Act mature and follow the protocols, and you will be fine in no time.

What you should do:

What you must not do:


CNC Pathlab- the best and most secure place to get tested:

Located in New Delhi, CNC Pathlab provides the best medical facilities with eminent staff always at work. If you seem to develop symptoms of the disease, but you do not know the actual coronavirus testing price, then you can contact us. We are here to clear all your doubts regarding the disease, and you can easily get yourself tested here. You can expect reports within a day, and CNC Pathlab sends reports via mail id of their patients. We also provide facilities for coronavirus testing at home, with our experts constantly working on it so that you have smooth testing done in no time.

We have the best lab facilities to get people tested. You can come to the lab to get your tests done, or a home collection of samples are also done. RT-PCR tests are proving to be most effective, for which you need to go through a swab collection method. You will get the results as soon as our professionals detect the nature of your samples. Contact us as and when you feel necessary.


It is true that the virus has changed our lives completely and made us highly insecure with the constant rise in cases so far. But it is also true that following the covid protocols can help us save ourselves from the deadly coronavirus effectively. Coronavirus testing in India is being carried on regularly in a large way so that more and more people get tested, and the virus gets curbed by effective methods. Vouch for the trusted and credible Coronavirus tests facilitated by CNC Pathlab with no shortcomings.