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Cobas 6000 (Roche/Hitachi)

Today’s laboratories are challenged with delivering high standards of laboratory services with fewer resources. They face constant pressure to lower operating costs while aspiring to grow their business in new areas. Their concern for patient care is paramount, and they demand only the best in diagnostic testing and services.

Just as every patient requires individualized care, every laboratory is unique. Striking the balance between high standards and efficient operation requires tailormade solutions. With cobas modular platform, Roche has developed a platform concept that delivers individualized solutions based on a common architecture for various workloads and testing requirements.

The cobas 6000 analyzer series is a member of the cobas modular platform.

Cobas c311 (Roche/Hitachi)

Stand alone analyzer for Clinical Chemistry. Flexible system for consolidating routine and special chemistry workloads.

On-board capacity of 45 tests and throughput of up to 480 tests per hour.

On-board capacity of 45 tests and throughput of up to 480 tests per hour.

Cobas e411 (Roche/Hitachi)

Bench top analyzer for heterogeneous immunoassays.

Cobas e411 offers rapid STAT and turnaround time, an on-board capacity of 18 tests and throughput of up to 88 tests per hour. Sample carrier options include disc or Roche/Hitachi five-position rack.

For immunological analysis of serum or plasma.

9180 Electrolyte analyzer (Roche)

The 9180 Electrolyte Analyzer combines the advantages of automated analysis with the testing capabilities of several other types of instruments in a single, stand-alone unit, designed to meet the needs of today’s medical professional.

Mispa i2 (Agappe)

  • 22 Parameter Assay Panel
  • Smart Card Calibration
  • 3 Step User Friendly Procedure
  • Auto Incubation
  • Auto Rotation & Auto Mixer
  • Graphical Display

Sensacore’s ST-200 CL Electrolyte Analyzer

Sensa Core’s ST-200 CL Electrolyte Analyzer is completely automated, microprocessor controlled electrolyte system that uses current ISE technology to make electrolyte measurements. Snap-in electrode design, combined with precise control of calibrator volumes, ensure economical operation and a low cost per sample in our Analyzers.

Konelab-20 (Thermofisher)

Konelab 20 is a random access clinical chemistry system for routine chemistries, electrolytes and specific proteins.

The broad range of CE marked applications can be complemented with user-definable tests.